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Old 07-25-2006, 06:45 PM
syclone syclone is offline
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Default The "New Cars" Section...

I have the forum set to display 30 threads when I click on a category - not sure if I can change this or not - never checked...

Anyway, just now, only 15 of those "New Cars" were actually new cars. The other 15 consisted of 3 facelifts, one total rebadge that probably should have been merged with the original and 11 special editions and new trim lines. And I think I am being a little generous with the new car count as 1 or 2 of them were limited production.

Am I the only one that would not care if I never found out that there is an Ironman edition of the Ford Explorer? And why does the Sport model of the Fiat Panda deserve its own thread - how hard is it to search for "Panda" and put it in the correct thread. Same goes for things like AMG editions - yes they are cool, but I think the new E-Class AMG really belongs in the E-Class thread, because last time I checked, its still and E-Class with a pointlessly huge engine.

I understand that the mods have their hands full and can't really police this, and its probably too much to ask for people to exercise more discretion before posting, so I was wondering... why can't there be a facelift section and a special editions/trimlines section? I know there are a lot of sections already, and there would still be things placed in the wrong sections. Still I think this would help the forum self-police a bit. Or maybe I'm just the only one tired of manually sorting out the new cars in the new cars section.

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Old 07-25-2006, 07:06 PM
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against the wall against the wall is offline
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Default Re: The "New Cars" Section... (syclone)

i dont really care for it, they are still up for discussion and stuff. basically, i guess if its a newer version of a car that fits with the model year in the title, like as of now its 06/07, its a new car.
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