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Originally Posted by SV View Post
It's been about, uh, 4 years or so since I did anything for Avioli Both designs are mostly done, I just need to do final sketches (which is when I work out the finishing touches anyway). There's also one Montgomery and one Shannon scheduled, but again, I'll push those back if I have to (and I may have to).

Can't wait to see the Super Valero; I've yet to see a Quimera I don't love and I doubt the Super will be any different ;)
Well I won't hold my breath for all four debuts, then, though I do hope you have the time to finish them all! Maybe the Geneva thread will see a bit more action this year Again, I'm particularly excited to see what you've done with Avioli. Is it a refresh of the Marin and a swoopy flagship sedan, as previously planned?

Originally Posted by NelsonDesign View Post
Nice looking machine Dom, great job!
Originally Posted by AXIS View Post
Absolutely Gorgeous!
Thank you both!! :)

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