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Obviously, it's a big, big bump, but this quarantine I've been remodeling old meshes, and really paying attention to scale.

The models in the initial post would be around 700k polygons, but this new model is around 98K polygons, with all parts. I'm trying to get it ready for the game BeamNG.

This car would be introduced in 2004-2005, so it's supposed to be dated.

The car is to scale - I've really been making sure my most recent projects are true to life in scale! This car would be 149" long - and it comes standard with 175/60/R14 wheels - so it's about the same size as an older Toyota Yaris or Chevy Aveo.

Also, look how weird it looks to it's original I made in 2011. The surfacing on the old car is so....wavy.

Versus an upper level model, with black B-pillar trim


also, it'll be seen without fenders etc in game, so here's some undercarriage stuff. The frame and chassis are done by me, but the engine and some suspension members are altered models from the game.

rear suspension is a basic Torsion beam


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