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Originally Posted by shiakas_ View Post
But i wonder how they will differensiate it from the AMG GT
I assume the SL will be softer riding, have a more comfortable and perhaps less aggressively sportier interior (does the dash and center console need to be as wide as it is in the current AMG GT?), and there was a rumor that it might be a 2+2.

I assume there will be no AMG GT convertible for the next gen.

Virtually anything would be a stylistic improvement over the current SL, and this def looks better already. I also think the move back to a soft top makes a lot of sense. Folding hard tops were a fun novelty, but presumably modern folding soft tops are as easily operated and are a lot lighter and more compact.

A cool-looking as the long axle to dash ratio is on the current AMG GT, I really hope AMG shortens it a bit b/c car mags have all said that the sensations that occur when aggressively driving a car w/ such exaggerated RWD proportions are not terribly pleasant.
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