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Originally Posted by Crash View Post
And that's the problem I have w/ Nissan (and many automakers). They show off updated lights and sheetmetal w/ some extra flairs and say 'INNOVATION!!!'. Nonsense to me....Rav is likely the 'biggest' upgrade of recent times as you'd suggested.

My problem with Nissan (and those who've seen me on these board before know that I have MANY issues w/ this brand) is they're starting from a place of inferiority, and incrementally upgrading - leaving them in a place of inferiority still...not a good look. Tie this together w/ Nissan's well established QC issues - and you're even further behind.
I know what you mean; Even in case Nissan has a great product, they don't follow up at all; For me, the Qashqai is a good example - the first generation basically defined, what the nowadays ubiquitous compact CUV in Europe looks like, and became a product to beat,selling well even at the end of it#s product run; Hwoever, many competitors followed, and yet the Mk. 2 was hardly any better, or pushing anywhere, a rather lukewarm outside upgrade; Yes, it still sells, though loosing out against competitors, and much more relying on discounts. The new Juke seems to be a quite surprising upgrade (most reviewers call it best in segment so far), so let'S see if probably, despite it's probably evolutionary exterior, the Pathfinder, or a next generation X-Trail/Rogue or Qashqai will also follow that promising path, or just be a meh upgrade altogether....
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