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Default Re: (Roadster44)

VW currently makes cars for NA market in Brazil and Mexico.

I think expanding the mexico plant makes most sense (despite of unions) because Mexico is part of NAFTA.

The issue at hand is I don't think VW uses flex assembly lines.

Quote, originally posted by Roadster44 »
Again it's like that BMW commercial for 3-CC, "build it from ground up". It's pretty obvious that VW needs way more Mexican or Chinese built products under the $30k range on US soil - that would attract new customers, gain momentum and then move upmarket as needed. Given different body language, and different driving characteristics I don't think it would take away from Audi.

However I do wonder about other issues about building cars in Mexico for example...such as investing in plants, re-tooling, hiring, training, working with suppliers (which supplier do you choose, based from where? what are their turnaround times?) There are a number of potential showstoppers they VW needs to look at. But again I don't see VW moving upmarket on $30k+ side as a big issue.

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