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Quote, originally posted by mick78 »
The Lupo was overpriced, therefore didn't sell and was eventually dropped & replaced with the Fox - I really don't see why VW would bring this car back, FOx is (in Europe) still relatively new, especially as this rumour of a new Lupo is really new to me.

The Fox isn't that overpriced, ( although in Portugal, and i think many other countries around Europe, you can get an Ibiza for about the same price ), but it isn't selling either. At least the Lupo had a good image with consumers, and it sold well in higher spec models, like the GTi. The Fox, imo, has no image whatsoever.

A new Lupo would be a good idea, but they would really have to look at the pricing. Making a similar ( but with completely different sheetmetal ) Seat Marbella would help. But if they want go for Mini territory, than they should stay quiet and leave that to the Audi A1.

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