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Default Re: (Uberwagon)

Quote, originally posted by Uberwagon »

That said, I wonder how driveable this SS/Stingray will be. I mean, 700 horsepower is on the edge of control. The real challenge for Chevrolet is figuring out how to let drivers put that power down without spinning into a ditch. A lot Z06's have been ending up that way (the general public and 507hp being a bad combo) so I'll be curious to see what electronics they have to help control this beast.

Agree. And a timely call given the pics on Edmunds with it lined up with an F599. Ferrari has frequently said that their future challenge is not in making the horsepower but in making it usable. For even the best drivers, 700+ horsepower borders on uncontrollable.

The brilliant mannetino traction control in the 599 & 430 Ferrari is evidence of that thinking and makes those cars vastly better than others at real driveability. I wonder if the SS/Z-Oh-Sh*t!/StingRay will have such a system? It sure should!