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Default Nissan GTR

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The standard GTR is expected to start at $57K while the V Spec and EVO Spec will start at $67K and $94K respectivly. Both a 6 speed and an advanced paddle shifting automatic are to be available. The Standard GTR and Spec V will be equiped with a 480HP version of the VQHRTT engine(displacement is either 3.7 or 3.8L as it has not yet beenn confirmed). The GTR EVO will receive a 530HP version of the VQHRTT engine as well as being roughly 220lbs lighter then the standard GTR, coming with light weight seats, a larger more aerodynamic rear spoiler, large ceramic brake rotors, and a revised Altessa AWD geared for more track use.

Couldn't find the other Nissan GTR thread so heres new info. Too bad the fasica resembles the outgoing Toyota Celica in a way. Still a good design.

And 530HP+AWD