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Default Re: (KebabGud)

Quote, originally posted by KebabGud »
one problem ..
the V35 is 7 or 8 years old i 2008 .. in otherwords .. its not going to be based on teh V35..
somthing that people at nissan did say in 2002
there vill not be any V35 GTR .. but there vill be a new GTR after V35
the year might be right .. but that car looks to mutch like a riced up G35 to be beliveble..

(and yes .. there is a lot og V35s in europe...there is a modifide black one in sweden that im shure has the same bumper)

If you are talking about the G35, then you are mistaken just a bit. The G35 will indeed be old by the time the GTR will come out. However, Nissan has already done the job of updating the platform both mechanically and structurally with the new M45. The FM platform is going to be around for a while, because Nissan is very committed to it in the long term. As for this, this is just a rough mule using a G35 coupe body. The real thing will look nothing like this.