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How to save the enviroment now:

Buy a Hybrid! Make connections with the wild. Go out there, and get your inner nudist in touch with nature, and the organic feeling of eating wheatgrass. Enjoy tofu, but in moderation, as Buddha intended. Feel the moist air rush past your genitalia, and feel invigorated by the scent of rosebushes, which are not prickly... they are just made the way god intended them to be.

How to Ruin the Enviroment in 15 years:

Realize your Hybrid is jerking along, and you can barely make it to your next Yoga class. Go out and look for a new battery. Realize it's impossible to find, as people have realized that Hybrids are a waste of money. Go to the dump, and drop off your car which smells of singed tiger lillies, and whatch in horror as millions (exaggeration) upon millions of tons of lead is plummeted into the air because of those batteries.

What a great way to save the atmosphere.

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