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Originally Posted by swizzle View Post
Oh come on! That is utter foolish talk. The majority of what Chinese manufacturers are producing are credible products. Brilliance and SAIC/Nanjing are but two that are producing coherent and competently done vehicles.
Define credible product - whilst some look ok on pictrues, many of teh cars we see never even make it into serial production, or a re made in tiny numbers, and many use ancient platforms or old Mitsubishi engines (and Mitsubishi isn't exactly cutting edge); And then I'm nbot yet talking about the copies,, no matter if the whole car is "borrowed" (Chevrole Spark, Fiat Panda, Toyota Corolla) or just the whole design or front/rear end of a car crafted to some random Pickup/sedan.

I would say that only few chinese manufacturers are currnetly producing actually "credible" cars at all, and even those are still in most respects not where Korean cars were 15 years ago. I'm not saying they won't get there (obviously progression rate of Koreans was way ahead of teh Japanese, and we can expect the Chinese will be even quicker), but in that process IMO a huge consolidation will happen, leaving many of these pseudo car makers (just look at production statistics, some make a few 100 cars a yera, mostly in manual labour) out of business, and let a handfull survive.
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