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Originally Posted by Naga Royal Guard View Post
grossly misleading.
GM is as clumsy as it is stupid.
Yeah, the problem is that Cadillac has so few fans that no one will care.... About the naming or the car itself, most likely.

If Porsche can sell SUVs by the boatloads and the M division can make turbocharged SUVs, then naming Cadillac naming the series "Blackwing" is not a big deal, IMHO (the engine is turbocharged, BTW).

The problem is that Cadillac needs to make cars that people want to own or lease.... And the mainstream version of the CT4 and CT5 are really uncompelling (at least, they were on the convention-center floor, when I sat in them), and, aside from the Escalade, their SUVs aren't cutting it, either (the XT5 is a joke).

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