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Originally Posted by THE CSS PRODIGY View Post
I've heard of 'cookies' before, but i'm not quite sure what they are. Could you enlighten me lol?

I only know about the chocolate chip variety.

Dumb question. There's also the chocolate and cream cookies, the plain cookies, the coconut cookies and whole bunch more!

The more boring cookies, as I understand it in my "Technology for dummies is hard" mind, is the information stored on your computer from some websites and so on. So for example, when you chose "Remember me" for email accounts and forums, the "Cookies" are the information stored in your comp to allow the page to keep you logged in.

But me explaining Technology is like a bunch of primary kids explaining Thermonuclear Biophysics (does that even exist? :p) so I'll let someone smart like Cozz to explain better ;)
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