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Tomo Motorsport
02-28-2005, 10:59 PM
What do you guys think that best sports car was up until Y2K. In my view, It is the Ferrari F40: Even though it came out in the 80's, it can still smoke <IMG NAME="icon" SRC="http://www.germancarfans.com/images/forums/cool.gif" BORDER="0"> many sports cars today. And man, that shape <IMG NAME="icon" SRC="http://www.germancarfans.com/images/forums/bowdown.gif" BORDER="0"> . My second choice would be the 92 VW Corrado SLC, just because I own one. <IMG NAME="icon" SRC="http://www.germancarfans.com/images/forums/biggrin.gif" BORDER="0">

03-01-2005, 01:07 AM
I'd say the 'vette...it is the best all around sports car and has been for many years now...

03-01-2005, 01:28 AM
I dislike this car, but it is fast, and BLODDY HELL IT IS FAST!<p>McLarren F1

03-01-2005, 03:38 AM
the most beautiful car ever built Ferrari F355 <IMG NAME="icon" SRC="http://www.germancarfans.com/images/forums/ylsuper.gif" BORDER="0">

03-01-2005, 03:44 AM
I'm gonna have to go for the E-type. She's one heck of a car........ <IMG NAME="icon" SRC="http://www.germancarfans.com/images/forums/driver.gif" BORDER="0"> <p><br> <IMG NAME="icon" SRC="http://www.germancarfans.com/images/forums/moon_1_D.gif" BORDER="0"> to ferrari <IMG NAME="icon" SRC="http://www.germancarfans.com/images/forums/icon11.gif" BORDER="0">

03-01-2005, 08:16 AM
well in terms of best all around performance I would have to go with the F1. In terms of beautiful simplicity I would have to go for the ferrari daytona (convertible please).

03-01-2005, 02:01 PM
1973 Porsche 911 RS.

03-01-2005, 04:55 PM
the Mercedes Benz 300SL Gulwing<br>

03-01-2005, 04:59 PM
Mazda Miata MX-5

03-02-2005, 03:56 AM
<TABLE WIDTH="90%" CELLSPACING=0 CELLPADDING=0 ALIGN=CENTER><TR><TD><i>Quote, originally posted by <b>Superfresa</b> &raquo;</i></TD></TR><TR><TD CLASS="quote">Mazda Miata MX-5</TD></TR></TABLE><p>Im actually gona change mine and fully agree with you on dat one bud.<p>The car was affordable, desirable, and is still a heck of a driving experience! <IMG NAME="icon" SRC="http://www.germancarfans.com/images/forums/biggrin.gif" BORDER="0">

Top Secret
03-02-2005, 04:07 AM
I think the Skyline GT-R has to be the sports car of the 20th Century. That, or either the original 911.

03-03-2005, 09:25 AM
Has to be the Lambo Miura... <IMG NAME="icon" SRC="http://www.germancarfans.com/images/forums/icondrool.gif" BORDER="0"> the 1st proper mid engined supercar<br> <IMG NAME="icon" SRC="http://www.forumsforjustice.org/forums/images/smilies/sponge.gif" BORDER="0">

03-04-2005, 10:04 PM
nine five nine

03-05-2005, 12:43 AM
Diahatsu Charade

03-05-2005, 03:13 PM
Kia Rio duh!

03-05-2005, 03:49 PM
This can't be given to any car but the MX-5. Its possibly the most enjoyment you can get out of driving and is very cheap at the same time. If not that the 911. A high performance beast with plenty of beauty that seems at home anywhere. While it is the best at nothing, it provides and very pleasing driving experience, and a timeless design and formula that make it highly influential and a power player in the performance car world that isn't a one-hit wonder like most of the cars listed here. Thats what makes these two particularly great. Anyone can make a good car once, but doing it again and again is the true test of a great car.

03-05-2005, 04:03 PM
<TABLE WIDTH="90%" CELLSPACING=0 CELLPADDING=0 ALIGN=CENTER><TR><TD><i>Quote, originally posted by <b>CarMattZu777</b> &raquo;</i></TD></TR><TR><TD CLASS="quote">Kia Rio duh! </TD></TR></TABLE><p>And here I was thinking you'd say VehiCross... good one man! <IMG NAME="icon" SRC="http://www.germancarfans.com/images/forums/beerchug.gif" BORDER="0">