View Full Version : Cozz's car spied!

12-24-2004, 09:25 PM
<A HREF="http://www.bankspower.com/mercedes-pro-mod.cfm" TARGET="_blank">http://www.bankspower.com/mercedes-pro-mod.cfm</A><br>2500hp Mercedes SL:<br>-Nomex/carbon/kevlar body weighs 28 pounds<br>-Any removable part is titanium<br>-Formula 1 style ground effects<br>-Quad turbo, alcohol fueled, EFI, all-aluminum 526 cid V-8; 2500+ horsepower<br>-Traps at 250 mph in the 1/4 mile<br>

Naga Royal Guard
12-24-2004, 10:54 PM
BMW powered Buick is faster

12-25-2004, 08:23 AM
I remember seeing this car on SPEED TV but I never seen it run...odd. I wonder if that V8 is actually from MB.