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10-27-2005, 05:26 PM
It's Under Construction. Cars-<p>Acura-TLX-<br>A Super-Luxury Mid-Size 4-Door Car Sedan Desined To Compete With Lincoln Zephyr, Mecury Millan, Volkswagon New Jetta Sedan 4Door-<p>Acura RST-<br>A Mid-Luxury Compact 3-Door Car Coupe Designed To Compete With BMW. 3 Series Coupe-<p>Acura RSX-Convertible-<br>A Mid-Luxury 2-Door Car Convertible Acura RSX Desined To Compete With BMW 3-Series Convertible. It Is Based On The RSX-<p>Chevorlet-Corvette-Sedan-<br>A Chevorlet Corvette 4Door For The Mustang. A Little Smaller Than Regular Corvettes-<p>Chevorlet C-SV- Hybrid-<br>A Compact SUV For The Toyota HighLander Hybrid-<p>Ford F-950-<br>The Toughest Truck In Ford's Trucks. Towing 12,090 Pounds, It Can Tow Heavy Loads. Competing With Chevorlt Silverado 3500-<p>Lincoln LuxuryCompact-<br>Lincoln's Ford Escape-<p>Lincoln LuxuryCompact- Hybrid-<br>Lincoln's Ford Escape Hybrid-<p>Pontiac Torrent-Extended-<br>The Extended Pontiac Torrent-<p>Toyota 4Runner- XXtreme-<br>The Off-Road Toyota 4Runner-<p>Volkswagon MiniSpace-<br>A Volkswagon MiniVan-<p><br>