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08-17-2005, 09:10 PM
<A HREF="http://imageshack.us" TARGET="_blank"><IMG SRC="http://img200.imageshack.us/img200/4907/cts8tv.jpg" BORDER="0"></A><p>Cadillac CTS in CK's custom body kit.<p><A HREF="http://imageshack.us" TARGET="_blank"><IMG SRC="http://img243.imageshack.us/img243/4342/acurarl21lb.jpg" BORDER="0"></A><p>ACURA RL Copy Rendering <p><A HREF="http://imageshack.us" TARGET="_blank"><IMG SRC="http://img243.imageshack.us/img243/7654/dsc023043pf.jpg" BORDER="0"></A><p>Saturn Copy Rendering<p><A HREF="http://imageshack.us" TARGET="_blank"><IMG SRC="http://img243.imageshack.us/img243/4869/dsc022579ys.jpg" BORDER="0"></A><p>A Sports Car? <p><A HREF="http://imageshack.us" TARGET="_blank"><IMG SRC="http://img243.imageshack.us/img243/8575/dsc014360kd.jpg" BORDER="0"></A><p>For Fun<p>Thank you.

08-17-2005, 09:17 PM
Um I forgot to resize the images....<br>What should I do.<br>I'm not allowed to edit the post...

08-17-2005, 09:47 PM
Why edit? They're gorgeous. Wow. <p>You a design student?

08-17-2005, 10:47 PM
holy are you serious? those are beautiful!

08-17-2005, 10:47 PM
Very nice. What do you use to render?

The Water Is Poison
08-18-2005, 04:15 AM
Those are absolutely amazing, the RL and CTS are just stunning

08-18-2005, 10:38 AM
Yes. I am an artist wannabe.<br>I'm now attending an art university in Canada to achieve the Bachelor of Art.<br>I'm not in the Design program since they do not have anything related to the "Transportation" design.<br>Therefore, I am studying it by myself.<p>Now I am in General Art, which also can be called Fine Art... just normal painting and drawing stuff heheh.<p>If you post some nice pics of cars(real ones) I will copy render it for you if I have time...<p>Thank you.

08-19-2005, 03:18 PM
Awesome. Dude. Those drawings are AWESOME. I love the CTS and RL. You do know the wheel are diff. on the Saturn though. Very, very good renders.

08-20-2005, 05:35 AM
Those are amazing! Have you got anymore for us to have a look at man?

08-20-2005, 05:12 PM
I will post some more if I am ready.<br>Thank you for your attention.<br>Your care and attention make me get inspired to work on even faster and better.