02-06-2005, 07:57 PM
Please post all spy pictures from other websites as links now, please DO NOT use the image tags unless the pictures you have taken are your own.<p>Since the all pictures will now be posted as links, NO NEED for posting the source of the images.<p>Have a good day.

12-10-2006, 03:00 AM
It's been a while since we've really stressed this topic. I need to remind you all of the importance that we link to photos which don't belong to either the site or you personally.<p>The way the industry here works is that there are photographers like Brenda Priddy and Hans Lehmann who go out and shoot these wonderful shots, and dig down with insiders to get all this information. They sell their pictures to various publications and websites for profit.<p>Those publications purchase the photos -often at large expense- for the purpose of luring in more readers, generating more advertisement and subscription revenue with which to buy more photos and to live off of.<p>When we embed the photos here and 1,000 people view the thread that is 1,000 less viewers to that website's advertising revenue, or 1,000 less purchasers of that magazine. For websites it even worse as we're still hogging their bought-and-paid for bandwidth. <p>As more people embed photos, it becomes a heavier financial burden upon the website to stay running as thousands of people are now bypassing a website's primary source of income and still seeing the goodies. eventually the website will either stop buying from the photographers because it's not worth it (putting the photographers out of business and leaving us with nothing) or they will find ways of protecting the photos, requiring you to subscribe thus rendering CSS obsolete.<p>You can see that this is sort of a symbiotic relationship here and as long as nobody steps on one-another's toes everyone should just continue on enjoying each other's company. <p>Please do not embed a photo into the forum unless you have express permission of the copyright holder, or you are the copyright holder. Until CSS becomes for-profit or something else happens we request for this reason that you LINK the photos, and click the links to view them.<p>Thank You all for your cooperation.<p>-Andre