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01-02-2006, 05:05 PM
Before everyone goes nuts and starts adding images to their signatures, some ground rules have to be first discussed.

1. First all images in signatures must be deemed appropriate, so nothing offensive or not safe for work.

2. Nudity will not be tolerated nor will women in bikinis. This is a car forum, stick with cars.

3. Oversized signatures will be removed immediately.

4. Maximum size: 500x90 in pixels, you can go smaller

5. Do not use signatures as advertisements for other forums or websites.

6. The signature should be more of a replacement for your avatar.

7. Only one image per person per signature, therefore only have one image in your signature.

8. Moving signatures are allowed but keep them under 100kb.

If a member of the staff sees a signature not appropriate, they will remove it immediately and you will be notified via Private Message. If people do not respect the rules, we will have to turn off images in signatures.

If you require help or want to notify the staff about a member in violation of the rules please use this thread or contact a staff member immediately.

Thank you