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07-02-2005, 08:48 AM
Yesterday, I posted a reply to a picture of what the new 9-5 is supposed to look like. I come back today, and it's gone. This reply was just me stating my dislike for the vehicle, which is also what Ascariss did in the next reply. We both stated our disapproval of the car, yet my reply was deleted and his is still there. Can someone please tell my why it was deleted?<p>Suggestion: What about the mods send a PM to someone if they delete one of their replies stating why they deleted it. This would help by informing people on what they did wrong, possibly stopping those kinds of posts.

07-03-2005, 01:08 AM
they do <IMG NAME="icon" SRC="http://www.germancarfans.com/images/forums/cwm13.gif" BORDER="0">

07-03-2005, 03:47 AM
Make your sure pop-up blocker (if u have one) isnt on for CSS <IMG NAME="icon" SRC="http://images.zeroforum.com/smile/emthup.gif" BORDER="0">

07-04-2005, 03:03 PM
hmm not sure, repost the image then.

07-14-2005, 09:13 AM
One of the administrators deleted on of my posts on the new Saab topic, and he didn't even give me and explination. Then he deleted one of my topics in the lounge. I just wanted to let other people know that i was starting a site. I think he viewed my site then saw that it was a car forum and he got upset because it had the potential to take users away from this site. Please give me an explination!

07-14-2005, 09:19 AM
a pm was sent to you stating no advertising, maybe you should turn off your pop up blocker to get the pms.

07-14-2005, 10:56 AM
Oh, i got the pm, but you didn't describe to me then why it was deleted!

07-14-2005, 10:59 AM
The rules here would have tipped you of what can or cannot be posted <IMG NAME="icon" SRC="http://www.germancarfans.com/images/forums/beigesmilewinkgrin.gif" BORDER="0">

07-14-2005, 12:07 PM
this was the PM<p>(6:03 PM 7/10/2005) Ascariss: <p>Thread Deletion Notification<p>Your thread Visit My new Forums- Please! in forum The Lounge has been deleted.<p>Comment: no ads<p>look at the comment, NO ADS.

07-27-2005, 01:31 PM
any chance i can get the posts of mine sent to me that were deleted? i had 2 deleted by santeno, and i don't even remember what they were about. no comments were attached to the pm he sent me. if i posted something wrong, i would like to know for the future. <BR><BR>
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08-01-2005, 07:14 AM
There are only a few instances that will cause posts to get deleted:<p>1. Opinion posts that are not supported. Just saying things like "I like it" or "It's the worst car ever", does not a post make. If you are going to post an opinion, whether positive or negative, back it up with a supporting argument explaining why (this is in the forum rules); <p>2. Bashing posts. Posts that do nothing but bash, without offering an explanation.<p>3. Aggressive posts. If you attack another member, do not expect your post to remain on the forum.<p>4. off-topic discussions. We do give the forum regular maintenance. on occassion, we will delete serires of posts that take a discussion away from the topic at hand, in order to keep the discussion focused. For example, in the GMT900 thread, we had to delete 5 pages worth of discussion i order to keep the thread discussion on the cars and not mrimpala.<p>On ocassion if a thread is either repeated or inappropriate (i.e. adult or non-tolerant content), the entire thread will get deleted. If a repeated thread has new information we normally just merge it into the exiting thread (which causes the repeated thread to disappear as an independent thread). Threads that are posted in the wrong section normally just get moved where they are supposed to go.<p>Lastly, take note that threads that see no activity for more than 3 months are automatically archived by the system. That doesn't mean that they are gone. when running a search for a topic, if you can't fnd it under active topics, just click archived topics an re-run your search. to reactivate an archived topic, just post to it.<p>Hope that helps.<p>___________________________<p>PS: all of this info is in the forum rules we ask all new members to read when they sign up.

08-01-2005, 10:30 AM
understood. the reason i asked was because i don't believe my posts violated any of those rules. one of mine was in the gmt900 thread. the other may have been a repeat thread. wasn't aware of either of those two conditions, thanks for explaining