View Full Version : Im loving A1GP

01-02-2006, 03:08 PM
<IMG SRC="" BORDER="0"><p>Usually this time of the year my life is very empty..not empty, full actually, full of anxiousness, waiting for the next time i see such artists as Michael Schumacher, Kimi Raikkonen, Fernando Alonso; & watching reruns of entire seasons of F1, DTM, BTCC, GP2 & FIA Rally i have conveniently dubbed into DVD-RW. This year however is different, the founding of A1GP, brought to us by the Sheikhs. Formula racing (or rather Formula-style, or if you must..rubbish wannabe Formula 1) in the winter, quenching thirsts of people just like me. The series is overflowing with young hopefuls & rejects from several motorsports events that represent their nation, Team France, Team Britain, Team China, so on..its good enough to fill me up till the FIA resumes what they do best in March. More so than F1, you get more ridiculously outlandish passes here given that everyone doesnt have much to lose due to lack of any key sponsors & everyones just naturally out for each other in the name of their homeland; 3 sometimes more cars passing concurrently on a hairpin, cheeky monkeys passing on the outside, one-way trips to the kitty litter..it becomes quite malicious..its great. Best of all, driver aids wont be found in any of these cars, no traction control and/or ABS, which tests the drivers. The awesome part is, if you dont currently subscribe to Outdoor Living Network (No idea what its doing there) via your cable or satellite, you can view races on-demand @ <A HREF="http://www.a1gp.com" TARGET="_blank">A1GP.com</A>. I suggest you guys give it a watch sometime, just to occupy your time in the winter & watch newbies work their way up rather than just hearing about them through word of mouth. Next race is January 15th in Indonesia<br> <br>