View Full Version : Could this be something?

04-20-2005, 03:54 PM
i think there was a topic on here a LONG time ago..but im not sure. anyways, theres this facility thats unnamed on the building and my friend has said he saw a prototype leave every once and a while go in and out of there. he says its for Audi/VW. heres their site <A HREF="http://twds-usa.com/twpd/index.php" TARGET="_blank">http://twds-usa.com/twpd/index.php</A> its a warehouse located in tampa. i went there not too long ago...and i saw a couple of new VW's in the lot passed the fence. by the looks of the website...could that be a place of storage for prototypes? keep in mind, we always see new VW's or Audi's in the tampa area testing...