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01-15-2005, 05:19 AM
GM is now selling the V6 Chevrolet lumina badged Holden Commodore as their large sedan for the asian market to compete with the Camrys, Cefiros and Accords....<br>But Ford is left without a midsize-large sedan for the asian market.<br>In GM's case they used their Australian made model, the Commodore badged as a Chevy, but Ford could have done the same, but the problem with the current Australian Falcon is, they have no left hand drive model for export.<br>Like in Dubai...Brazil... GM now sends LHD Luminas to the Philippines.<br>Does anyone know if Ford will produce an export version of the next gen Falcon?<br><BR><BR>
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01-15-2005, 07:35 PM
AM2,<p>Currently, Ford Australia is flatout building and selling every Falcon and Territory SUV they have for sale in Australia and New Zealand, as well, sales of the Territory SUV, will start in South Africa soon.<p>At present, the current Falcon and Territory SUV, are not engineered for LHD, but LHD, WILL, be a factor in the next generation Falcon, as there are plan's to sell the next generation Falcon and Territory SUV in China, which is a LHD country.<p>Ford Australia has alway's relyed on it's own resource's and what money they make in Australia, for their development's of the Falcon, with not a lot of money coming from Ford HQ in the US. <p>Unlike Ford in Australia, Holden, has been given alot of support from GM, which has allowed it to expand and become a vital member of the GM group. Ford doesn't seem to have the same confidence in it's Australian post, which is why you only ever see Falcon's sold in RHD market, like Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.<p>Also part of the problem, was that alot of market's, where Ford Australia wanted to send the Falcon, like the Middle East and South America, Ford already had the Ford Taurus on sale there.<p>I always thought the South American market would have been great for the Falcon, because the name "Falcon" has alot of history in that part of the world, like Australia.<p>Now that there are new Ford's coming out of North America, like the 500 and the Fusion and with a new Mondeo on the way, it's making it even more difficult for Ford Australia to set up a business case for the Falcon for oversea's market's. I know the 500, Fusion and Mondeo are a size below the Falcon, but these size car's are becoming more and more popular.<p>Australia seem's to be the only market where large RWD car's sell in big number's.<p>Apart from the Middle East and of course Australia and New Zealand, I don't think the Holden Commodore sell's in very big number's anyway. <p>In South Africa, the Holden Commodore, sold as the Chevrolet Lumina, only sell's around 20 unit's a month, so it's not a big seller at all.<p>But, I'll keep you posted.<BR><BR>
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01-16-2005, 07:43 AM
Thakns for the info....<br>By the way, I heard that one of the reasons they sell the Ford Crown Victoria in the Middle East is because they couldn't make a LHD version of the Falcon and Fairlane. <p><br>

01-18-2005, 01:20 AM
AM2<p>I've always thought the Crown Victoria had been on sale in the Middle East for year's and years??<p>It all goes back to my last comment, regarding LHD version's of the Falcon and Fairlane. Ford Australia just didn't have the money to figure LHD into the equation for the Falcon/Fairlane. Plus, setting up a business case for it, was also low, becasue the Corwn Vic and Taurus, were already on sale in most market's that Ford Australia wanted to send the Falcon.<p>Ford HQ in the US, were not about to give them the money either for such a project, that would see Australian built Ford's, replace American built Ford's.<p>This is something they, Ford HQ, find very hard to swollow. They alway's have and they alway's will.<p>At the moment Ford Australia have their hand's tied.<p>

01-19-2005, 09:37 PM
Well im hoping, but i think thats all i can do, the Crown is the one that Ford US wants, its cheaps and it sells, and in Fords words thats what they want, anything to get money. But i REALLY want a Falcon in the US, even if it is built states side.