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01-11-2005, 05:33 PM
Since we all are undoubtedly auto officianados, I thought we could all share what products that we ourselves use to care for our own vehicles. This is a broad category so open up. I will start:<p>I like RainX. It really works and is very easy to use. They also have a wide array of ways to apply their products- they have the liquid itself, wipes and washer fluid additive. They also have an wide product range from defogging fluid to wax. I also like their wax- very simple to use.<p>I do not like Amorall. I don't like the greasy feel it leaves. When cleaning inside my car I prefer to just use a wet paper towel.<p>Okay, those are my products. Anyone else?

01-12-2005, 01:43 AM
personally I like maguire products...i have the maguire soap, and I also have the 4 step maguire mirror glaze buffing/polishing compounds...I use a milwaukee buffer to buff out the truck, although it has been a while since i did it last...i should do it again, but i think i need some more 2000 grit sandpaper for the wet-sanding, and some more speed glaze (the 4th and final step in the buffing process)...I dont use armorall on my interior, just a damp rag, but i do use it heavily on my tires to give them that nice "wet" look...for polishing my rims and exhaust I have several products actually, I have mothers, maquire, and happitch ...I usually spend at least a day fetailing my truck about once a week, though the buffing can take up to a couple days ...it has kind been delayed though lately due to rain :(