View Full Version : Would porsche 911 fare well with upcoming rivals?

01-05-2005, 02:14 AM
This is one question that puzzles me because it seems in this fast moving era of automotive technology, porsche still sticks to their evolutionary constant improvement mantra.<p>My answer to the question is that it would be a close one. Porsche definitely has a strong enthusiasts following but with that connection be strong enough to prevent them from cross shopping? The rivals I'm talking about are the aston martin DB5 and Audi Lemans. <p>First the DB5 is drop dead gorgeous, and its use of lightweight aluminum would ensure that the standard car match the 911turbo in performance. this sleek gt with a front engine RWD layout coupled to an interior similar to the DB9 which is regraded as one of the best interiors to date would be touch to pass by. <p>Then we have the audi lemans quattro which looks really fantastic if you ask me.another car using aluminum, but with a mid engine AWD layout. the car may probaly use the upcoming S4's 425hp V8 engine. <p>Finally theres the all out corvette Z06 on its way, this car would have an enialating performance to price ratio that no other car on the market can match. <p>Porsches 997 has already proven its handling prowess which is just an evolution from the 996, but can this evolutionary hold on any longer? probably, probably not. <p>What do you guys think?

Top Secret
01-05-2005, 02:30 AM
I will say only this: the Porsche 911 will and can beat all of it's rivals no matter how good they are - the 911 is always one step ahead.

01-05-2005, 11:35 AM
If there is one advantage by using the same platform and layout for so long, it is that you get to know it extremely well. You can tweak one aspect, and understand how it will affect all the other systems in the car. It's like honing your skills with just one sword, until you are better than anybody else - but only if you have that special sword. With shorter cycle platforms, you can make it very good, but you'll never manage to work out the infinite details with the time at hand. Give anybody else the 911 platform to develop on a 4 year cycle, and they'd be hard pressed to make it competitive with a Hyundai Tiburon. <p>Can the 911 still be competitive with the new cars on the horizon? Sure, Porsche has a mystique and cachet the others do not. They have a brand recognition second only to Ferrari. Is it a better car? That is debatable. However, in this class and price range, you aren't just buying the car - you're buying an image. Some people like the latest thing, and others like the familiar classics.