View Full Version : Reminders For Making and Responding To Polls

Naga Royal Guard
01-04-2005, 11:26 PM
given preformance in polls lately, i have found the need to assemble these addendums; <p><B>If you wish to start a poll:</B> <p>Please make reasonable comparisons, ask yourself <I>Would CAR or Road&Track Put this on their Cover?</I> as a gauge for a constructive, meaningful poll. Comparing Kias to Ferraris does nothing for anybody.<p><B>If you respond to an OPEN polll:</B> <p>Please use what the poster has already specified as guidelines for what you wish to add. Details such as price, body style and intended market segment are quite important. <B>Open polls is a welcome feature over the 8 choice limits of proboards, please refrain from abuse.</B> Adding "BMW M5" to a thread about SUVs does nothing for anybody.<p>thank you and have fun<p>-Naga