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03-14-2006, 09:53 PM
Here's this article about problems of current holden cars in Australia. <p><I>HOLDEN today announced one of the most extensive safety recalls in its history following 13 reported cases of unexpected side airbag deployment in its locally-built vehicles since 2003.<p>The recall effects some 123,719 Commodore, Monaro, Crewman, Statesman and HSV models fitted with side airbags and built between April 2003 and December 2005 - including 89,167 vehicles in Australia and 34,552 export cars.<p>In a statement issued today, GM Holden said the recall followed reports that side impact airbags had inflated under circumstances which did not warrant inflation.<p>"This may be caused by static electricity charge, generated in particular conditions, which stimulates the airbag inflator if an earthing wire under the seat has come loose.<p>"Such conditions can be generated only when the car is stationary and the person is exiting or has exited one of the front seats, as sufficient charge must be generated and the outer side seat bolster compressed to reach the side airbag inflator."<p>Holden said the problem would be rectified free of charge by its dealerships by installing an additional earth spring at the front of each height-adjustable seat.<p>The company maintains the 13 reported cases of inadvertent side airbag inflation did not result in accidents and that the reported incident rate amounts to one in 10,000, or about 0.01 per cent.<p>GM Holden executive director engineering Tony Hyde was adamant inflation could not occur while the vehicle was in motion.<p>"Electrostatic charge accumulation usually requires some sort of moving activity which is generated while swinging out of a seat. <p>"This action also brings the occupant closer to the side impact airbags as the backrest side bolster is compressed when getting out of the seat. The bolster will not be sufficiently compressed while driving to allow any charge to reach the inflator," he said.<p>Holden said owners of vehicles built between April 1, 2003 and December 2, 2005 and fitted with either standard or optional side airbags should contact the service department of any Holden dealership, or call the Holden Recall and Rework Assistance Centre on 1800 632 826.<p>Public advertisements alerting owners of the safety recall appeared nationally today and letters will be sent to customers directly, including to owners of vehicles in New Zealand, the UK, Middle East, China, Korea, Brazil and South Africa.<p>GM Holden says the following vehicles may be affected:<p>- All VY and VYII sedans<br>- VZ Executive, Equipe, Lumina, Acclaim, S, SV6, SV8, SS, Berlina and Calais (including HSV variants)<br>- All VY and VYII wagons<br>- VZ Executive, Equipe, Lumina, Acclaim, SS, Berlina and Adventra (including HSV variants)<br>- VY and VYII Crewman, Crewman S, Crewman SS, X6 Crewman, X8 Crewman (including HSV variants)<br>- V2II, V2III and VZ Monaro (including HSV variants)<br>- WK/WL Statesman and Caprice (including HSV variants) </I><p>Source: GoAuto.com.au