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02-13-2005, 02:30 PM
Here are the rules and regulations for the design contests.<p>1. No photoshops of images will be allowed in the contests.<p>2. The images can be drawn and coloured in Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro and/or any other image program. Yes this includes Paint, but please do add some highlights and shadowing.<p>3. Please submit either 1 3/4 perspective drawings of the front or rear <u>and/or</u> 1-3 seperate views of the front, rear and side. You may submit all 5 views but please specify was you want to enter in the contest.<p>4. No interiors need to be designed unless specified to do so, if you design an interior and it was not asked for, it will not be included in voting.<p>5. The design should be original and of your own design.<p>6. Contests will be run for 10 days, and time can be extended or shortened upon request of enough people.<p>7. Please do not start new contests, we will run 2-3 contests per week.<p>8. If have any questions/concerns or ideas please contact; <A HREF="http://www.carspyshots.net/member.php?u=3272" TARGET="_blank">AXIS</A>, <A HREF="http://www.carspyshots.net/member.php?u=47" TARGET="_blank">DoMiNo</A> or <A HREF="http://www.carspyshots.net/member.php?find=lastposter&f=33" TARGET="_blank">MOORHOUSE</A> via pm.<p>9. When submitting entries please provide the picture and the link.<p>10. On the specified date, all contests will close at 11.00GMT<p>11. Ensure your image is working on the closing date.<p>12. Please make sure all images are 900 pixels or smaller in width<p>13. Contest entry's are not to be posted in the Design Area Showroom.<p>14. Only one entry is to be posted in the contest thread, the second one will be discarded if posted.<p><br><b>Type of contests</b><p><b>1. Exterior Design:</b> Contests of this nature will work in the same method as any real design would in the real world. An exterior design will be requested for a generic car company or a specific one brand with varying body styles. The designers will be asked to write a brief paragraph about their design. Once the designs have been submitted, voting will begin. The top 4 designs will be then chosen, (further details will be explained during this phase of voting). <p><b> 2. Interior Design:</b> the contest will focus entirely on the design of an interior of the car, with different colours, materials and styles to be displayed. The theme's will focus on either the brand name or a specific segment.<p><b> 3. Rim Design:</b> A previously designed car on the board will be used for this contest as a base for designing a new rim to be used in production of the vehicle. The style of the rim should reflect the vehicle's design.<p><b>4. Concept:</b> A contest purely devoted to designing a brand new concept for a brand name car firm.<p>The winner of a contest will determine the theme of the next contest, be it interior, exterior, rim or concept.<p><i><b> The purpose of the contests is to semi simulate the type of design work done at actual car companies.</i></b><p>If you have any suggestions please feel to contact <A HREF="http://www.carspyshots.net/member.php?u=3272" TARGET="_blank">AXIS</A>.<p><br><BR><BR>

02-16-2005, 11:37 AM
<B>Rules For Voting</B><br>1. You cannot vote for yourself<br>2.Ten (10) points to allocate between four (4) people. <br>3.You cannot give seven (7) points to one person, and one (1) to each of the others.<br>4.Vote for the quality of the design, <B>NOT</B> the artist<p><B>How to Vote</B><br>Give the artists name and the number of points you would like to award.<B>e.g</B><br>David-4<br>John-3<br>Sam-2<br>Ron-1<p><br>Options for Hosting:<br><A HREF="http://www.pichold.com" TARGET="_blank">http://www.pichold.com</A><br><A HREF="http://www.imageuploader.net" TARGET="_blank">http://www.imageuploader.net</A><br><A HREF="http://imageshack.us" TARGET="_blank">http://imageshack.us</A><p><br><i>Modified by aidanlynch1 at 6:44 PM 2/16/2005</i><p><br><i>Modified by aidanlynch1 at 6:45 PM 2/16/2005</i><p><br><i>Modified by MrLynch at 6:50 PM 7/15/2005</i><BR><BR>
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