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<B>Nutzfahrzeuge IAA 21st to 28th of September 2006 in Hanover, Germany</B><p><A HREF="http://www.iaa.de" TARGET="_blank">http://www.iaa.de</A>/<p><U>VW Commercial Vehicles to unveil new</U><br><B>Concept/Studies</B><br>Multivan PanAmericana Studie<br>Crafter Concept Atacama<p><B>New Models</B><br>LWB Multivan Business<br>Caravelle LPG/Petrol (BiFuel)<br>Crafter 50 with a payload of 4.6 tonnes<p><B>Special Models</B><br>Constellation 19.320 Heavy Truck<br>18.320 EOT VIP Coachbus by Irizar<p><I>Multivan PanAmericana Studie</I><br><IMG SRC="http://media.autobild.de/bild/5/27129e07ddd6fc8418d7afa9d1a11da5_1.jpg" BORDER="0"><p><I>Multivan Business LWB</I><br><IMG SRC="http://media.autobild.de/bild/1/6a43da57ce04b95f9ec9e628d9eb8081_1.jpg" BORDER="0"><p><I>Caravelle LPG</I><br><IMG SRC="http://media.autobild.de/bild/1/0da5f0d885e1523cbb7b005dd49aa671_1.jpg" BORDER="0"><p><I>Crafter Range</I><br><IMG SRC="http://www.vw-nutzfahrzeuge.de/deu/aktuelles/art/iaa_1.jpg" BORDER="0"><br><IMG SRC="http://www.vw-nutzfahrzeuge.de/deu/aktuelles/art/iaa_3.jpg" BORDER="0"><p><I>Constellation 19.320</I><br><IMG SRC="http://media.autobild.de/bild/7/22f1705b8496e53fa0e36d914506f357_1.jpg" BORDER="0"><p>more & bigger pictures soon <IMG NAME="icon" SRC="http://images.zeroforum.com/smile/emwink.gif" BORDER="0"> <p>more here <A HREF="http://www.vw-nutzfahrzeuge.de/deu/aktuelles/iaa.html" TARGET="_blank">http://www.vw-nutzfahrzeuge.de....html</A><p>------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<p><IMG SRC="http://www.vwtbpress.com.br/images/noticia/317_G.jpg" BORDER="0"><p>Here is VW's New Flagship Bus the 18.320 EOT VIP Electronic Bus its going to debut at the International Commercial Vehicle fair in Hanover 19th to 29th of September, Hanover is also the HQ for VW Commercial Vehicles <IMG NAME="icon" SRC="http://images.zeroforum.com/smile/emwink.gif" BORDER="0"><p>The Bus is built by Irizar for VW Truck & Buses, it has a Cummins ISC Electronic 235kW/320hp engine which complies with Euro III Emissions standard.<br>This Bus also features a Reversing Camera, DVD Player, Coffee Machine & a Toilet for long journeys.<p>for more <B>downloadable</B> images <A HREF="http://www.vwtbpress.com.br/noticia.asp?n=317" TARGET="_blank">http://www.vwtbpress.com.br/noticia.asp?n=317</A><p>NOTE Baixa =small, Alta=Large<p>for more on VW's Truck & Bus Operation <A HREF="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volkswagen_Commercial_Vehicles" TARGET="_blank">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/V...icles</A><p>------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<p><IMG SRC="http://auto-presse.de/newssys/galerie/13616/13616_4.jpg" BORDER="0"><p><B>VOLKSWAGEN Crafter Atacama</B><br>The Volkswagen Crafter can do more, as the concept vehicle Atacama proves. The Design Center in Wolfsburg have developed a striking off-road vehicle based on the standard Transporter and named it after the Atacama desert in South America. The Concept Offroader will be presented at the IAA Fair in Hannover/Germany from Thursday. <p>"The Atacama concept is a fresh and modern interpretation of a four-wheel drive Crafter, it combines function and individuality", says the team head and exterior designer Ralf Dekena when describing the vehicle study. The design study gains its striking presence through its proportions. The front end, with slight modifications and the aluminium components such as the radiator, headlights or air vents, has a top quality appearance and also seems more powerful and masculine with the metallic design. The side air inlets in the wings emphasise this and lend the Atacama a sporty finish. <p>For protection in off-road use, the vehicle has been equipped with robust panelling and powerfully modelled wheel arches. Aluminium inserts emphasise this robustness and give the Atacama a more exclusive appearance. Offsets and stamps are repeated thematically on the wheel arches and add a certain lightness to the panelling. <p>The unique side window design demonstrates the integration of exterior and interior. The side window design both relaxes and extends the lines on the side of the Atacama and makes interesting applications for the interior possible. The wedge in the panes can be used as an assembly and securing point for a functional interior, for stowage purposes for example, or as securing points for an upper sleeping level. The designer responsible, Romain Chareyre, explains: "The design study shows further potential for the Crafter in the leisure and fun segment". <p>The roof railing formed in a U-shape with integrated box is a modern interpretation of a carrier system. To match this element, the team designed the rear ladder which frames the brand logo in its shape and also has the door handle integrated in it. <p>The member of the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles board of management with responsibility for Sales, Harald Schomburg, is very enthusiastic: "The absolute highlight of the Crafter presentation is the concept vehicle Atacama with four-wheel drive application by Achleitner. It emphasises the strikingly masculine features of the vehicle and is our idea of a Crafter off-road vehicle. I'm very curious about the customer reaction - if it is positive we will build a series of up to 100 vehicles." In this context, he praises the Design Center Wolfsburg, and its head Klaus Bischof, project manager Lars Menge and the designers Ralf Dekena, Romain Chareyre and Susanne Gerken for the successful concept. <p>Technical data: <p>VW Crafter, Kombi short wheelbase. <br>Engine: Five cylinder turbo-diesel with <br>charge air cooler, capacity 2459 cm, <br>Output: 120 kW /164 bhp <br>Drive: Four-wheel drive (Achleitner), <br>Six-speed gearbox. <br>Off-road tyres: 285/55 R 20 <p>2006/09/19 | 15:37 CET | Editor: MR/VWN<p><B>Text Courtesy</B> <A HREF="http://news.marathonrally.com/index.4825.0.html" TARGET="_blank">http://news.marathonrally.com/index.4825.0.html</A><p><IMG SRC="http://auto-presse.de/newssys/galerie/13616/13616_2.jpg" BORDER="0"><br><IMG SRC="http://auto-presse.de/newssys/galerie/13616/13616_3.jpg" BORDER="0"><p>Images from <A HREF="http://www.auto-presse.de" TARGET="_blank">http://www.auto-presse.de</A> translated by google.<BR><BR>
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<U>Official Press Releases from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles</U><p><B>From city vans to heavy trucks: Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles exhibits its global range of vehicles for the first time at the International Motor Show (IAA) </B> <br> <br>At this years IAA Commercial Vehicles in Hanover (21 to 28 September 2006), Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles will present its full product range for the first time: from the Caddy to the Brazilian Constellation truck. The latest offspring is the Volkswagen Crafter  the successor to the LT. The five-ton Crafter 50 and the automatic Crafter will make their first public appearance. New versions extend the range for the Transporter, Multivan and Caddy. <br> <br> <br>In Europe, the new Crafter 50 is the heaviest of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Transporters, and its 4.6-ton downweighted version with super single 285/65 R 16 C-format rear axle tires is not only celebrating its premiere but also cuts down on weight and space. Then theres the automatic transmission. The so-called shiftmatic may be ordered as an option with the two mid-range engines. <p>A highlight at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles IAA exhibition stand is the new Constellation truck model series, first introduced in Brazil in the New Year. The Constellation Titan Tractor 320, which grabbed attention as the pace car in the race truck series in Europe this season, is a real crowd-puller. The sporty flagship is flanked by two practical stable-mates. An articulated truck and a three-sided tipper convey a hint of the scene on South American roads. <p>The ProfiLine is the fruit of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles cooperation with various automobile manufacturers. Whether they go by the name of Caddy, Transporter or Crafter, the ProfiLine produces branch-specific basic models that can be extended according to your personal choices. The various model series include ServiceProfi, CoolProfi and ExpressProfi. <p>The Special Vehicles Business Unit provides a wide spectrum of independent creations. Top of the league is the Pan Americana Multivan study. The name Pan Americana refers not only to the land extending from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego but also to the world record set by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles in 1999. With a Multivan Syncro, its team took just 15 days, 14 hours and 6 minutes to complete the 22,880-kilometer route between Prudhoe Bay and their destination, Ushuaia. <p>In the past, there were repeated calls for long wheelbase for the Multivan Business. Particular grievances were a lack of trunk space and not enough legroom for taller people, and discussions focused on more room and variability. The Business Unit Special Vehicles are now fulfilling these wishes and offering the Business with an additional 40 centimeters at the back. <p>With the Multivan Startline, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is extending the class of flexible Multivans with an attractive entry version. This model meets all the essential requirements: it is practical, versatile, economical and robust. It will appeal above all to young families who want to spend their leisure time actively. <p>A classic idea in a new incarnation: six years ago, the Multivan Atlantis found favor with the van community. The blue special model of its predecessors generation caught peoples attention  in particular its smart, sporty yet discreet appearance, which also characterized the interior. The Multivan Atlantis special model is still proving in the T5 that good sense and sporty esthetics can be united. <p>The Caravelle traditionally forms a bridge between the Transporter and the Multivan. At the IAA 2006 Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles stand, the nine-seater was displayed as a taxi and hybrid natural gas vehicle. This subsequent conversion does not in the least affect the practicality of the Caravelle. Thanks to underfloor positioning, the natural gas technology does not take up any space in the trunk or rear compartment. The 24-kg gas cylinders together with the standard 80-liter gasoline tank make it possible to achieve a range of over 1000 km. <p><B>18.09.2006 The PanAmericana multivan  a study of a world record </B> <p>The name Pan Americana refers not only to the land extending from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego but also to two record journeys. First, the extreme sports athlete Joachim Franz cycled the 22,880-kilometer route between Prudhoe Bay and his destination, Ushuaia, to raise funds for Aids charities. Then, in 1999, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles drivers Andreas Renz and Matthias Gttenauer set a world record. With a Multivan Syncro, the team took just 15 days, 14 hours and 6 minutes to complete their non-stop journey across Alaska, Canada, the USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina and Tierra del Fuego. <br> <br> <br> The name of the new Pan Americana Multivan evokes those events. With its special blue rain paint, it pays homage to the experiences of this amazing tour. Its exterior appearance conveys a sense of adventure. With about 30 mm of additional height, a shortened gearbox and its Goodyear Wrangler M/T 225/75R16 tires, it is ideal for off-road driving. <p>Its silver spoilers and side skirts, unpainted bumpers and color-coded skirt attachments give the Pan Americana the robust look of a vehicle that is up for driving off the beaten track. Its silver roof rail and dimmed headlight reflectors and rear lights lend the off-road outfit an air of exclusivity. The writing on the sliding door with the map of the American continent reveals the origin of its name. <p>The interior looks comfortable and luxurious with its leather covers. Six individual seats all in leather with arm rests on both sides invite you to a tour away from the normal roads. A sun strip on the rear window makes the privacy glass look even darker. There is also a sun guard on the windscreen. And just to make sure that you dont overlook any of the special equipment as you get into the car, the entry lights illuminate the steps with the words Pan Americana. <p><A HREF="http://www.vwn-presse.de/tbwebdb/vwn-presse/en-gb/presstext.cfm?id=655&tk=138" TARGET="_blank">http://www.vwn-presse.de/tbweb...k=138</A><p><B>22.09.2006 The Multivan Business Van  variation on a long wheel base</B> <br> In the past there were repeated calls for long wheelbase for the Multivan Business. Particular grievances were a lack of trunk space and not enough leg room for taller people, while discussions focused on more room and variability. The Special Vehicles business unit is now fulfilling these wishes and offering the vehicle with an additional 40 centimeters at the back. <br> <br> <br> With the XL version of the Multivan Business, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is extending the range of its series-built models with this large vehicle, thereby becoming a player in the luxury business segment. The basic component is the Multivan floor with its rails, now lengthened accordingly. <p>The Business Vans generous interior is dominated by high-grade wooden surfaces, leather and Alcantara leather, which enhance the seats, side trims and roof line. Chrome and wood inlays are the height of chic. With luxury coach seats fitted opposite each other (two of which are swivel seats) with integrated three-point seat belts, the rear area is both luxurious and extremely safe. The seats can be electrically adjusted, guaranteeing a comfortable sitting position for occupants of all heights. <p>The luxurious dimensions make it possible to hold conferences en route. The built-in table is electrically activated by a switch on the left side-wall. A 15-inch monitor inserted in the ceiling also swings automatically into position. Connected to this are the onboard DVD system or, where required, external equipment such as laptops or camcorders. Other equipment includes a navigation system, fax machine, scanner, printer, modem and a telephone. The onboard telephone has an extra receiver in the passenger area and the driver cabin has a special private mode receiver. DVE (Digital Voice Enhancement), among other things, makes for quality entertainment. The quality sound system and LED spots on the ceiling provide the right ambience in the interior, while the cooler box has drinks at the ready. <p>Tinted windows for privacy, an electric sliding door and large, 18-inch aluminum wheels give the Volkswagen Business Van an extravagant air, yet it retains the subtle elegance of an understatement. Bi-Xenon lights provide optimal illumination of the road. The Volkswagen Business Vans V6 engine (173 kW / 235 bhp) and the five-cylinder TDI (128 kW / 174 bhp), for which a six-gear automatic transmission is optionally available, ensure sufficient drive power for the Volkswagen Business Van. <p><A HREF="http://www.vwn-presse.de/tbwebdb/vwn-presse/en-gb/presstext.cfm?id=659&tk=138" TARGET="_blank">http://www.vwn-presse.de/tbweb...k=138</A>

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<B>22.09.2006 The Caravelle  an elegant full-size van </B> <br>The Caravelle traditionally forms a bridge between the Transporter and the Multivan. At the IAA 2006, the Caravelle was exhibited as a natural gas vehicle. This subsequent conversion did not in the least affect its practicality. Thanks to underfloor positioning, the natural gas technology does not take up any space in the trunk or rear compartment. <br> <br> <br> Optically, the VW people carrier has the exclusive appearance of the Multivan. The color-coded fenders, door handles and exterior mirrors gleam. Even the double headlights and indicator lights with their white frosted glass are adapted from the Multivan. But whats totally new is that the Caravelle may accommodate either three or four rows of seats for a maximum of nine passengers on two wheelbases of 3000 or 3400 mm. <p>The interior of the Caravelle expresses its originality. In its detail and scope, the equipment provides numerous comfort and convenience solutions. Many optional features in the Transporter Shuttle are found in the Caravelle basic model. The expensive fabrics on the seats in Corner Art gray or two-tone Corner blue are particularly eye-catching. The interior package is distinguished by its subtle and refined anthracite tones. The ergonomically designed dashboard is also presented in a single color and allows the optional incorporation of a seat bench for two passengers. The driver and passenger seats in the basic model are height adjustable and are equipped with two armrests and a back-straightening support. Central locking with remote control, electric windows and electrically adjustable and heatable external mirrors are included in the basic models range of features, as are a vanity mirror with a light, the overhead console with reading lights and the silicone-lined handles <p>The number of seats in the rear compartment may be varied to current needs using a modular fastening system. Depending on the wheelbase selected, you can have two to three rows of seats in the back. Thus, for example, the maximum number of seats for a Category 3 driving license, which is nine, can be achieved with different layouts. The full-size vans entire floor is covered with a carpet. For airing the passenger area, the ventilation system with integrated light strip familiar from the Multivan is used. The trim makes the whole interior really homely and gives it a high-quality look. As well as the basic equipment, there is also the option of upgrading the interior package. The upgrade includes a leather steering wheel, pockets in the back of the front seats and the seats in the first row in the passenger area, additional air vents in the passenger area and high-quality Duo fabric. <p>The engine range corresponds to that of the Transporter. The basic model has a four-cylinder gasoline engine that develops 85 kW (115 bhp) and a maximum torque of 170 Newton meters. This unit is also used by the company Prince-Gas for its subsequent natural gas conversion to a hybrid engine. The conversion reduces performance by around ten percent. The total of four gas cylinders placed under the floor have a usable capacity of approximately 24 kg, allowing a range of approximately 320 kilometers. Five LEDs on the switch inform the driver of the gas cylinder levels. The driver can choose between two modes  manual or automatic. In either case, an optical and acoustic signal will indicate the switchover. The original gasoline engine is retained and contains 80 liters of fuel. Equipped with both fuel types and driving appropriately, a range of over 1000 kilometers can be achieved. <p>All Caravelle engines comply with the EURO 4 emissions standard and come with a diesel particulate filter as an option (for 4-cylinder engines) or as standard (for 5-cylinder engines). At entry level in the diesel range, there is a highly economical four-cylinder which will deliver 62 kW (84 bhp) or 75 kW (102 bhp) depending on performance level. The 1.9-liter pump-nozzle direct injection diesel engines produce either 200 or 250 Newton meters of torque. The 96 kW (130 bhp) and 128 kW (174 bhp) five-cylinder direct injection diesel engines, whose torque ranges between 340 and 400 Newton meters depending on performance level, are highly impressive. The top-of-the-range engine is the 3.2-liter V6 with four valves per cylinder. Its performance data are173 kW (235 bhp) and 315 Nm. All five- and six-cylinder versions have six-speed manual gearboxes or six-speed automatic transmissions. On request, the Caravelle may also be ordered in the 4MOTION all-wheel-drive version. <p>All models have ESP, which meets the latest standards with its integrated characteristics such as the anti-lock braking system (ABS), electronic differential lock (EDS), traction control (ASR) and engine drag torque regulation (MSR).<p><A HREF="http://www.vwn-presse.de/tbwebdb/vwn-presse/en-gb/presstext.cfm?id=323&tk=152" TARGET="_blank">http://www.vwn-presse.de/tbweb...k=152</A>