View Full Version : 2008 Toronto International Car Show

Steve Neill
02-25-2008, 06:32 PM
Okay so this fine Friday, I had the luck of attending the TICS at the Metropolitan Convention Centre. As the owner of a company I got VIP access at all the booth's to take close up pictures of the cars the public wasn't allowed to take.

I'll show some of the cars, and the models, but I've cut myself out of the pictures of anonymity :P

Lots of great stuff (I didn't take pics of anything other then sports cars, and important stuff. There was the "Speed Racer" Mach 5 there... but really... like I care).

Anyways, we'll start off with a Lamborghini Gallardo I got to privately view as a VIP:


More will come with time, just give me a few more hours to develop.

Steve @ JDM Aero.